Game Over, Man!


GOD I HATE THIS!!! Oh, I hate this soooo much. This is so awful. Why?!? WHY?!?!? Please no.

That’s my immediate thoughts directly after watching Game Over, Man!, another terrible Netflix movie that Adam Devine somehow convinced Netflix to make. This atrocious waste of time features Devine and his two cronies from Workaholics, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm. This colossal mess is chock full of crude humor that’s more disgusting than it is funny.

Adam DeVine is one of the people on the BAD DOG List, my list of celebrities that I think are horrible. Why is DeVine on there, you ask? He’s done some funny stuff, he’s on Modern Family, so I’m sure he can’t be that bad of a guy, right? WRONG!!! I cannot emphasize how wrong you are. First, he is simply incredibly annoying. Most of his humor is the equivalent of a baby screaming in the apartment upstairs and there’s nothing that you can do to stop it. Second, his humor is downright disgusting. I don’t mean sexual, there’s plenty of sexual humor that is funny, but not only is DeVine not funny, he is overall filthy. For example, DeVine decides to literally show his real penis in this movie, so now I can sadly say that I have seen that. Thanks soooo much, now I need to go wash out my eyes with bleach. DeVine is who I ultimately find responsible for this waste of money movie and I very much want to find out who Adam DeVine has been bribing to get his movies put up repeatedly on Netflix, despite being terrible. My leading theory right now is that DeVine sold drugs when he was a kid to some top-notch Netflix executive, and that executive is now paying DeVine back and simultaneously damaging everyone who watches his movies.

The rest of the cast I don’t directly blame for this dirt pile of a movie. Well, I blame them in the sense that I blame Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan. Sure, you’re not directly responsible for Trump’s actions but you didn’t do much to stop it now did you? Anders Holm is not very funny in my eyes and just overtly bland. I actually find Blake Anderson hilarious and simply taken advantage of by being friends with DeVine.

Game Over, Man! was not only poorly written and gross, but simply unappealing in every sense of the word. I strongly recommend that if this shows up on your Netflix ‘Watch Next’ playlist that you reexamine your movie choices.

Rating: Pureed dog food