The Nun

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I was so excited to finally see this movie. I regard the Conjuring movies as the greatest horror films ever. I had been long awaiting The Nun since the first time I saw the jolting trailer. I was finally sitting in the theater and I was so… disappointed.

That’s not to say that the movie wasn’t any good, I did enjoy it. However, there were major cinematic elements that were either misplaced or downright missing to truly make the supposed terror of this film to strike home. First off, the soundtrack behind the action of the movie was severely underwhelming. The Nun was littered with jump scares, which are, in my opinion, a cheap way to get a scare. Yet these jump scares weren’t put together correctly. The visual suspense was entirely there, yet the audio behind it offered no buildup. Instead of the typical rise and audio that builds up your nerves and shows you something’s coming so that when it actually jumps out at you you are all the more terrified, there was just quick flashes of audio sprinkled during jump scares. While I respect avoiding easy gags that are used by everyone and trying to blaze your own trail, it doesn’t work when it is ineffective.

Another issue with this film is that the mid-range part of it dragged on way too long. It consisted of numerous hauntings by the evil spirit haunting the cloister. While these were certainly interesting, after the third or fourth one, it felt like it was kicking a dead horse. Like I get it, they’re being haunted and now they know the spirit isn’t something to simply joke about. Yet, these sequences didn’t end, they continued on like the god awful stepper at my gym.

The redeeming quality of this movie rested within its final act. It was truly gripping and had many terrifying scenes. It finally gave a face to the Nun, as the majority of the movie, the spirit Valak was disguised as something other than her terrifyingly ugly self. Nevertheless, the ending brought an interesting close with incisive moments and scares that left you on the edge of your seat. It rounded out the movie and gave it much needed support that it needed from the earlier parts of the film.

Rating: T-Bone

Memorable Quotes: 

Sister Irene: what does that mean? [referring to the writing above the door]

Father Burke: God ends here.