Orange Is The New Black Season 6

Alright if you still haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black, what are you doing with your life?  Seriously!!! This show is THAT good. I don’t wanna hear any bitching either, ‘hey, but I was busy watching Breaking Bad for the 57th time in a row’. I get it, really, I do, no one loves watching Bryan Cranston make meth more than me, but this show NEEDS to be prioritized! It’s that good! If you have not yet seen OITNB (Orange Is The New Black), put down whatever you’re doing and watch the first episode. Just trust me. Come back when you’re finished with the first episode.


Okay, what did you think? Good, right? Well, just wait, because Season 6 is pretty goddamn perfect. Gone are Piper’s days of being a panty gang boss and rockin’ it like a bad bitch, cuz she’s back to being Nice Girl Piper? Right? Please? POR FAVOR? SOrry, but Piper is horrible as a ‘bad girl’. If you’re looking for that token bad bitch, might I suggest Red? But wait, NO! This season Red is a cowardly, sniveling animal after Piscitella literally defiled her.

So who are the stars of this season if Piper and Red aren’t their usual badass selves? (Well, Piper was never badass, but you get what I’m going for here.) Well, you’re in luck because Season 6 brings with it a new prison and a new prison means NEW INMATES! Some of those characters are a nightmare, like Badison Murphy, who is a glorious combination of all the horrible traits of Lorna and Linda combined. HATE HATE HATE. I HATE! HER! So yeah, she’s not the best.

Some of the brighter characters are Daddy, who is a complicated cell block boss with a soft spot for sweet old riot leader Daya, and Carol and Barbara, the season’s replacements for Red’s mob. Nicky returns in spectacular fashion, with hilarious moments and lines that make me love not only the character but the actor herself. Sadly, these incredible moments are few and far between as it feels like not every character to play. Many of the usual characters that I love so much simply aren’t their usual selves.

Although not all the characters individually were not up to the incredibly high bar set by previous seasons, the storyline certainly was. The raw, brutal storyline of fitting in, not unlike the very first season of the show, was as much of an element as the feeling of loss that is shown through Piper’s love for Alex, from the first to the last episode. This season impressed me and demonstrated that the creators are not out of fresh ideas, even at season 6 with many more supposed seasons to come.

Rating: Prime Filet

Best Episode: I’m The Talking Ass