Big Mouth Season 2

This show. Oh. My. God. It makes Family Guy look like dog shit and that’s coming from the kind of guy who could watch a solid season of Family Guy every day, all day without a single regret. This show has practically everything I could dream of in an animated comedy, from killer jokes to expert animation and unique characteristics that set it apart.

The first thing I want to highlight is the creators Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. I have loved both of them for such a long time and all the work that they have done has been extraordinary (check out Oh, Hello! on Broadway). The show was based on their childhood experiences going through puberty. Not literally, I hope they weren’t seeing hormone monsters or shame wizards. The creativity and inspiration behind the show are unlike anything I have seen, in the way that it is both entirely outlandish and one hundred percent rooted in reality and the world around us. The ability to commentate on such an overused topic like coming of age in such a new and unfamiliar way is incredible. Maya Rudolph is hands down the funniest cast member, however. Something about her delivery and tone just gets me every damn time.

Not to mention that the show is downright hilarious. A thing that I have heard a lot recently is that with political correctness, shows like The Office would have never been able to be put on the air. I never want to hear that again because Big Mouth is gloriously irreverent and against all politically correct culture. It’s incredible and so hilarious. The amount of inappropriate jokes makes South Park look like the Magic Kingdom. Here at the Confessions of a Film Addict offices we aren’t a huge fan of internet censorship or being family friendly just for the sake of appealing to larger audiences to earn more money, so this show is a dream come true.

After I watched the first season a few months back, I thought the show was hilarious and was without a doubt looking forward to the second season. But after seeing the second season, I can tell without a doubt that there is something special here and a bright future for this show. The commentary on the struggle of growing up and the transition to adulthood is something that has been seen many times before, but this show makes it so fresh and impressive. The Hormone Monsters are hilarious and put a personality behind the raging hormones and angst of teenage development. Without a doubt, this show is coming back in a big fuckin’ way and will definitely deliver on a third season with the same level of quality as seen before without the sophomore slump other shows have countlessly gone through.

Rating: Kobe Beef

Piss Yourself Hilarious Quotes:

Jesse: “Why do you smell so good?

Hormone Monstress: “Because I don’t use deodorant and only take bubble baths.”


“Stop quoting your dad’s law commericals”. Gets me every time.


Hormone Monster: “Tell him to send a dick pic. Girls love that, especially when it comes out of nowhere with zero context.”