F is for Family

So here we got a Family Guy-esque show by one of my favorite comedians, Bill Burr. If you have not heard of him, listen to some of his comedy on Netflix or Spotify or wherever y’all get your comedy fix. Now, this show is absolutely hilarious. It follows Frank Murphy and his family in their everyday lives and everything that goes on for them. In case you haven’t heard of it before, the third season was just released on Netflix and has been gobbling up awards. Now I feel like the show isn’t getting the attention it deserves because of shows like Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman. Now don’t get me wrong, I love those shows. (Go check out my Big Mouth review.) But this show has moments where I will sit there in bed at like 3 in the morning cuz I can’t sleep and just burst out laughing. It really is that good.

Okay, so now that I’ve got your — hey, you! Yes, you in the back! Pay attention, goddammit! Anyways, Bill Burr and Co. do an incredible job here. Each character is entirely hilarious in their own right, but I’m gonna run down my top 5 characters just to give y’all a bit of an idea of what they’ve got going on.

5. Vic

Vic is Frank Murphy’s next door neighbor who is the radio DJ and cokehead who is always friendly and helpful, much to Frank’s chagrin. From losing his job to Kevin having sex with his wife of a whole month, Vic keeps his cool and is somehow always helpful to everyone.

“You know, giving up a gram a day cocaine habit isn’t as easy as it sounded when I was on cocaine.”

“Christmas is for family, Frank. I’m for the other 364 days of the year”.

4. Mr. Holtenwasser

Mr. Holtenwasser is another one of the Murphy’s neighbors who is a Holocaust survivor. He has a tendency to constantly ruin the mood by recounting his tragic experiences with a huge smile across his face. It is kind of horrible how funny everything about this character is but that’s Bill Burr’s comedy for you.

3. Bob Pogo

Bob Pogo is Frank’s morbidly obese boss who is spineless in how he treats his employees yet sucks up to his boss relentlessly. It seems that every character David Koechner plays is kind of a piece of garbage, albeit a hilarious piece of garbage.

“Hello, Dolores. A Puerto Rican kidnapped me and forced me to eat candy. Yes, again!!”

2. Kevin Murphy

Kevin is Frank’s son who dreams of being a rock star despite an apparent lack of talent. Everything Kevin does is hilarious in his reaction, from failing school to having sex with Vic’s wife. Kevin is one of the reasons I constantly click that tempting ‘Next Episode’ button.

“My dreams are not forbidable!”

1. Frank Murphy

Ahhh, Frank. The obvious numero uno on this lil’ list of mine. Bill Burr does a hilarious job here and every line Frank has is absolutely hilarious and keeps me coming back for more. This man is pretty much the reason the show is so good. ‘Nuff said.


This show only gets better and better, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Rating: Prime Filet