So here we have what seems like the annual Transformers movie. And as of late, they have been just getting worse and worse. So they switched things up a bit and went back to the origin of Bumblebee, the most beloved Transformers character. That will help, right? That’ll give it some more spice, right? Ehhhhh, I guess…

Things start off with a nice classic Transformers action scene in Michael Bay style. It is completely typical and awful. It’s just special effects porn, just like the past few Transformers movies. But what’s important is right after that. It introduces us to Charlie Watson (Hailee Stanfield), who it imbues with a fresh level of personality. Charlie is an eighteen-year-old who recently lost her father. She spends her time looking for auto parts to rebuild her car and she comes along a damaged yellow Beetle (how lucky). She fixes it up real nice and then meets Bumblebee.

The movie is full of Transformers 1 nostalgia but gives an emotional, human flair to Bumblebee, which is a factor lacking from many of the recent Transformers films. The movie does not impress me with the action scenes or big robots fighting each other. I don’t care about that. What does impress me is the new fresh emotional experience that is lacking from way too many action movies these days.

Bumblebee sets itself apart from other modern action flicks with a level of charm and impressive emotion that is so refreshing to see. However, it does not do enough to take itself away from the typical trap of Transformers movies where it is just a bunch of explosions and the audience is supposed to ooooh and ahhh. This movie was a nice change but did not do enough to place itself on a tier high enough. They push in the right direction and deliver a high-level personal experience to the viewer, but still deliver the typical experience of all action flicks that don’t really split them apart. Ultimately, it was a solid performance but just didn’t do well enough, yet I am hoping more movies will follow this path and just take the extra step that Bumblebee was afraid to take.

Rating: Greasy Ass Golden Corral Sirloin