January 2019 Movie Essentials

So you are blessed to witness the start of a new era. I’m going to start tossing y’all a list of movies to check out each month. Now, these aren’t new movies or even good movies necessarily, just movies I enjoyed and think everyone should give a shot at least once. So without further ado:

Silver Linings Playbook


This is on Netflix so there’s no worry about having to spend any pressure money on a movie – just yoink a friend’s password. Silver Linings Playbook follows Pat, who was recently released from a mental hospital. Obsessed with getting his wife back, Pat goes to all lengths to find his way back to her. This movie shone a spotlight on the struggles of mental health and focuses on a beautiful relationship of two people whose broken sides fit together perfectly.

Rating: *smacks lips* pristine Prime Filet

Alien: Covenant


If you haven’t heard of the Alien franchise, you must be living under a rock. Ridley Scott returned to the franchise he created back in the late 70’s with this prequel, which is a sequel to the prequel, and uhhh, yeah. Now while this didn’t perform in the box office as expected, it really is quite a good and interesting sci-fi film. Spiked with horror moments, the movie is incredibly passionate and tells a truly interesting and immersive story, which is so lacking in most sci-fi and action movies.

Rating: Nice, thick Porterhouse

What We Do in the Shadows


So this is one of the movies that kicked of Taika Watiti’s career. He did Thor: Ragnarok for all you normies who only watch mainstream blockbuster films. This mockumentary follows four vampires who live in a flat in New Zealand together. It is absolutely hilarious and enjoyable to the last second. I don’t know how else to describe it so here’s a fun little quote from the movie. “I think we just prefer virgin blood because it sounds cool. And also, if you were going to eat a sandwich, you would feel a lot better knowing no one had fucked it.”

Rating: Nice, juicy Filet, maybe a bit of housemade steak sauce or Hollandaise on there

Pulp Fiction


So if you know anything about my movie preferences, you should know that Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie. Hands down. SO good. It’s perfect and I love every single thing about it. I want to give it the Oscar for Best Picture every single year. This is Quentin Tarantino’s second movie and follows a multi-faceted storyline with the central taking place following two hitmen (John Trevolta and Samual L. Jackson) who work for a mob boss. Whenever someone tells me they have never heard of this, it makes me aaangry.

Rating: Perfectly grilled, perfectly seasoned Kobe beef

Fight Club

The first rule of Fight Club is don’t talk about Fight Club.

Rating: Yummy porterhouse

Mad Max: Fury Road


Now, normally I don’t like action films. They’re bland and lack character motivation and a proper plot. Mad Max delivers an incredible follow up to the classic action film in spectacular fashion. The movie is visually stunning and immerses the viewer in the post-apocalyptic world that the characters go through. It offers an impressive tale of redemption with great visuals and George Miller’s amazing directorial style. Tom Hardy, I will love you forever.

Rating: What a filet! What a lovely, lovely filet!


So that’s my list for January. You have your assignment, now get out there! Go! Start watching these movies, because the most brilliant part is that each can bring you into a whole new world with many other movies you can enjoy if your heart so desires. I plan on doing a new list like this each month and I would love to know if you watched any and what your thoughts were!

Now go enjoy! This fun, disgusting weather is perfect for sitting inside and binging until it isn’t raining (or snowing if you don’t live in the devil’s armpit of the South).