Punisher Season 2

Now if you know anything about me, you will know that I LOVE the Punisher. You got a badass dude who watched his family murdered in front of him. And he handles it as any reasonable person would — by going on a murdering rampage of anyone remotely connected to it. Now, this guy isn’t any old brutal character, he’s got morals. He kills the bad guys, well, the guys he decides are bad.

Punisher Season 1 wrapped up the saga of Frank Castle (The Punisher) where he is a man fueled only by hate and rage. He has found the killer of his family, his best friend Billy Russo, and has beaten him half to death. Now Season 2 explores what he is after this, who he is as a person.

This person is a man who is without a doubt caring and sympathetic to the plight of those who cannot protect themselves. Yet, he is brutal and loves to kill. Not only is this a brilliant crime show, it also explores the philosophy of punishment. I personally believe Plato would be quite proud.

Season 2 introduces a myriad of new characters, the most prominent being Frank’s new case and replacement child, Amy. Frank saves her from a group of “bad guys” led by John Pilgrim, a former killer who found redemption in his religion, but is forced back into his dirty work to help with his wife’s cancer bills. John Pilgrim acts as a superb villain and a dichotomy to Frank’s story arc as another character with a history of violence who only wants a newfound life of peace.

Another point of the Punisher that sets it apart from me is its stance on PTSD. PTSD was a disorder not widely accepted when the Punisher was released as a character and since then, the Punisher comics acted as a flyer alerting the world of real problems coming at veterans. This season pushes this along and many veterans have spoken out on how well this series attacks the difficulty of describing the problem of PTSD. Not many shows and movies are able to tackle real-world problems, and the Punisher does an incredible job of doing just that.

The Punisher went above and beyond the first season and continued compounding on the saga of Frank Castle. It delivered incredible entertainment along with well-delivered character stories that truly make the viewer think. Hopefully, this one doesn’t get canceled too.

Rating: Juicy sweet Filet Mignon, straight from the cow