The End of the F***ing World

So first things first, I know I’m real late on this. Half the damn world has already seen the show, but what can I say? My watchlist is like the US government’s love for oil – it never ends. So here we are.

Now the show takes a similar concept of many others in the effect that it is yet another coming of age/ finding yourself show. Yet, it varies in its execution. Our main characters are not “weird” kids who don’t know their place, actually, wait. They are. But it’s different. James is a self-diagnosed psychopath who is intent on making her first kill while Alyssa is intent on running away from her creepy ass stepdad.

James is without a doubt, an *ahem* – odd – character who for some reason is deeply intent on murdering Alyssa. After killing animals throughout his childhood, we find him searching for his coming of age point in his murderous journey. That’s where Alyssa comes in.

Alyssa is equally weird, except she loves it. She thrives off being different and she hates the typical romance of fitting in. That’s why she goes for Alex in the first place. She thinks that maybe she has found someone to indulge within their own weirdness and in a sense, that’s what they do.

It’s incredibly difficult to talk about this without giving away major plot points. What I can say is that this is so damn good. The emphasis that this story puts on the flow of character development is instrumental, as characters seamlessly move through there journey with small little steps instead of the massive leaps so many other shows use. Again, me being an aspiring screenwriter I’m naturally drawn to characters – they’re what I first look towards as a gauge of the quality of a film. Yet this series had so much more going for it than the dynamic characters and nonchalant, yet striking dialogue. The visual style and quick-cut editing along with the well-placed audio made every second of this show a thrill to watch.

If you have not seen The End of the F***ing World yet, go do it. Now. It literally takes two and a half hours to watch. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to spend more time in this incredible world it develops. But hey, at least they announced a second season!

Rating: A delicious slice of Kobe Beef that even the most passionate vegan would be thrilled to bite into