Triple Frontier

So Triple Frontier came out today on Netflix. This thriller features five former soldiers who are retired. Pope (Oscar Isaac) works for a private military contractor based in Brazil, which has been hunting a narco, Lorea, for years. Pope brings in his boys to raid and kill Lorea and take the money he has.

The movie is visually stunning and has cinematography for days, which is uncommon for a “war” movie. Every visual is striking and impactful, which is exactly what you’re gunning for in a raw action/military performance like this one. Compounding this is an equally impactful script along with legendary sound (that one isn’t uncommon).

These aspects are only so successful because of the star-studded cast who have the acting prowess to hammer every line home. My favorite is Ben Affleck. While Affleck has gotten a lot of haters, especially after his little Batman stunt, I have always appreciated his work. I think he is a brilliant actor and a brilliant director provided he doesn’t try to double up.

The skill here is emphasized in the fact that it deals with soldiers. I often don’t like when actors try to take on what soldiers go through, because they often don’t do it justice and that doesn’t help anyone. Here, however, they give a raw performance of the effects of war and power on the human psyche and how it flips your whole personality around. This movie keeps you on your toes and enjoying every minute of it.

Rating: Hella thicc Porterhouse