Miracle Workers

This TBS series focuses on Craig (Daniel Radcliffe), an angel in charge of making people’s prayers come true. The show is completely star-studded, with Steve Buscemi as God (take that, Quentin), Karan Soni as Sanjay, and many others. Frustrated with Earth, God decides he’s going to destroy it. Craig and his new coworker are able to save the world, but only if they make two humans fall in love.

While the show is not over, I feel I have seen enough to give a reasonable verdict. If the show alters its course, then by all means, I’ll change my review.

But as of right now, it seems like a typical comedy. It’s funny and has great moments. The cast is amazing and their skill is certainly displayed here. My biggest complaint is that this feels like the ultimate example of what goes wrong when your script just doesn’t have that extra kick to it. They have a clever concept, great actors, yet many of the lines just feel slightly off. They seem as if there’s just nothing really behind it, and that takes away a lot of potential value that the show could have.

Another thing that uh… irks… me, shall we say, is the lack of quality themes. They have an opportunity to make quality if controversial, commentary on the nature of religion and humanity itself. But NOOOOOO! Let’s just make a cute little workplace comedy, but it’s heaven instead.

I dunno. This is certainly funny, but it didn’t blow me out of the water like I was hoping. It doesn’t have crisp lines or well-thought-out moments. Instead, they followed the rubric step-by-step and they came out with something that functions as “Yeah, okay, I guess.” But hey, it still works as a late night comedy if you just want a quick laugh.

Rating: Country-style Flash-Fried T-Bone