Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 Ranked!

Now as many of you are surely aware, the new and last Game of Thrones season comes out very soon. I am planning on watching every damn episode and ranking every damn season so I can just simmer in anticipation.

Okay, so I am starting this on March 14th. Season 8 comes out on April 14th. That gives me 31 days to watch 67 episodes. Showtime, boy.




#1. Season 4


This season is just great. There’s Joffrey dying (hooray), big scary dragons, and it has my favorite episode of the whole series: Watchers on the Wall. Everything about this season is pure gold and I don’t just mean the crowns. This season is what pulls you in and truly immerses the viewer in the world of Westeros. It compounds incredible storytelling, viewer anticipation (because money lolz), and shows elements of family and loyalty that hold true to everyone who watches. You could spend hours breaking down every episode here and it still wouldn’t be enough time to unpack all the juicy metaphors and action of the fourth season.

#2. Season 5


This season is a VERY close second. Each episode of these season keeps you dying for more. It develops characters who were previously looked over, like Jaime and Cersei. Although they have always had central elements in the tale, we never truly got a look at their inner self until this point. Relative newcomers, like Ramsay Bolton (fuck this prick) get to shine themselves in the spotlight and take more and more of my money by getting me so damn addicted. Of course, who can forget Jon Snow’s death and the end of the season? This is pure action, development, and commentary rolled together with the whole way through and even the “dull” moments are building towards something bigger.

#3. Season 6


This was incredible in the way that it finally put together where it all is going. We start off in a rather miserable spot, with Snow’s lifeless body lying at the bottom of Castle Black, but we come to a point by the end where the grandiose ambitions of the show truly show themselves. The White Walkers have never been a more imminent danger and the political backstabbing comes to new and even greater heights. This keeps every aspect that made its prior seasons so incredible to watch and only makes you more and more excited for more.

#4. Season 3


This was a very impressive season. Every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat and moves the overall story along. The highlight of this season to me was Daenerys’ storyline, cementing her as the Breaker of Chains. It truly makes her a character everyone can get behind, and furthers her reputation as a complete badass.

I found Jamie’s storyline rather exceptional here as well. Jamie loses his hand, and as he is regarded as one of the best fighters, it tears down his whole reputation and self-worth. This season examines what it means to be truly broken, from Jamie’s tale to the Red Wedding, and poor little Theon Greyjoy. This season takes elements from Westeros and applies it to our everyday life in a way the prior seasons never did, and did a spectacular job of it if I do say so myself.

#5. Season 1


This is incredible in the way it sets the stage and killing Ned Stark after essentially making him the main character is unprecedented in television. Game of Thrones broke onto the scene as a well-renowned fantasy series but became so much more as a show. It showed the general public’s interest in the fantasy genre, as well as an appreciation for more brutal show points. My only issue is that I felt it lacked some of the bravadoes other seasons did, but hey. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

#6. Season 2


Why is this season ranked so low, you might ask? It has crucial storylines like Joffrey being a little asshole, Tyrion’s run as hand, and Arya’s time on the run. (Well, the first time.) And you would be right! This season is incredible and only grew the fan base, while exciting, even more, those already involved. My issue here is more of a personal thing. I just felt it was a little more on-the-nose than other seasons, and that this season didn’t exactly set itself apart from other works in the fantasy genre in the expert way that the others do. But hey, still fucking amazing.

#7. Season 7


Now obviously I’m not saying this is a bad season. I’m just saying that it’s the least great one. This season was certainly entertaining and did a great job of working towards the end goal with excellent foreshadowing, but that’s all it was. At least to me, it seemed like this entire season was just a prologue to season 8, and existed only to get the viewers hyped for what’s to come. While it was certainly good, it lacked that normal amount of magic that is so incredible about GoT.


So the first episode of Season 8 comes out on April 14th, which is very, very soon. I can’t wait. This will quite possibly be the best day of my life. Wait. Not possibly, definitely. I can’t wait to see how everything wraps up and how everything comes together. Hope you all have fun at your weird ass Game of Thrones parties… I’ll be watching it from my Iron Throne.

Valar morghulis, Freaks.