Game of Thrones Returns!

Now, I know that all of you have probably already seen an onslaught of various articles, summarizing and going through every little frame. Yeah, yeah. I get it. Whatever.

*spoilers spoilers blah blah blah don’t get mad*

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We’re two episodes in and pretty much everyone is loving it. Now you’re here for my thoughts. And my thoughts are… yeah, sure.

Honestly, that’s it. So far it’s pretty good. Not bad, but also not great. It’s just pretty good. The dialogue, the setting, all the special effects are still on point. The issue that I am having is that it really just preparation. Literally just preparation. I mean literally in the sense that all the characters are just preparing for battle. I mean, everything is just setup for action and conflict that will (probably/hopefully) be happening in the next few episodes.

Image result for game of thrones season 8

So the first episode we had a little bit at King’s Landing. We found out that Cersei really does not care at all about the War in the North so good ol’ Jaime dips. Cersei orders Bronn to go and kill Jaime and Tyrion, ya know like any good sister. Then she and Evil Boat Guy have some fun together as a reward, I guess, for him bringing the Golden Company to her. So now she has an army and is extra evil.

From then on, it’s all in Winterfell. Dany tells Sam that she killed his family and then he runs off and Jon finds out he’s a Targaryen. So tensions rose. Jaime pull-up at Winterfell face to face with The Wheelchair Clairvoyant. And then the episode ends. Cuz ooooh, remember when he pushed him out of the tower?

The second episode is all battle prep mostly. Jaime gets not murdered and by the way, Tormund is the best character ever. Jon tells Dany he’s her niece, which she didn’t look too happy about. But, hey that’s the whole Targaryen shtick right? Then uh-oh, White Walkers are here.

Honestly, all this seems to just be prep for the third episode, which has the longest battle scene ever on film. That’s cool, I guess. The hour and twenty minute episode will be sure to have lots and blood and gore, so be wary. But it’s also Game of Thrones, so you know by now what you’re getting into.

Regardless, we should have a fun episode ahead of us and very soon, all the speculation will be confirmed or denied. Will Daenerys get on the throne? Will she burn people? Will Arya kill the Night King with that special dagger she got? (That’s my theory!) Or will the Night King kill everyone?

We shall soon know, Freaks.

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