Santa Clarita Diet Cancelled

So this isn’t going to be a normal post or anything. Honestly, it just for me to say that anti Clarita Diet is cancelled. I’m sad because I really liked the show (I have a review on the last season).

So Netflix is cancelling this just like they do with all the shows that do well (like Daredevil) so to be honest, I don’t know what is going on there.

I’m just real pissed about this. As is all of Twitter. It was a show with a lot of hype and a well-built fanbase. I loved the comic style they had and I thought the acting was superb, but hey, what does that matter?

As for the acting, Timothy Olyphant said he will continue his role on the show and keep coming in every day to act, there just won’t be a camera pointed it at him. This man. He is too good for us.

Maybe we will get a change of heart from the Netflix devs, but probably not. Might as well give up hope now.


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