Avengers Engame SPOILER REVIEW!!!

First things first, THIS IS A SPOILER REVIEW! That means that it has spoilers.


You have been warned.


Now the next most important thing. Thor got fat. The question on everyone’s minds right now is whether or not Chris Hemsworth actually opened the donut box for this one or if it was just a fat suit or something. Well, look no further, friends, because I have the answer. Nope, just a fat suit. Now, this decision has actually come under fire in a lot of the public eye, saying that this was a direct dig at obese individuals. So far, what has been said by Hemsworth is that they wanted to make it obvious to the naked eye that Thor was going through a rough period.

The film opens in an odd way. Thanos dies. Then we boom up five years later. Out of everyone theorizing, I don’t think a single person would have guessed that everyone would just go “Oh well. Back to normal old life.” But surprise, surprise.

Also like, anyone notice that everyone would be screwed if that rat didn’t step on the button?

One of the first few scenes we get is Tony with his family. Real sweet, right? As SOON as I saw that, I was like, he dies. That’s it. He dies. Easy way to grab the ol’ heartstrings card. What do ya know?

Tony. DEAD. Ouchie. (Also Black Widow *cries*)

I’m not going to give a summary of the movie because if you want that, just go see the movie. They can do it a lot more justice than me.

So Tony dies. There’s a cute little funeral with that weird little kid from Iron Man 3 making an appearance along with everyone else. Also his old arc reactor with ‘Proof that Tony Stark has a heart’ inscribed on it. Collective awwww.

Everyone else (except Nat) goes back to relative normal with Steve deciding he will return the Infinity Stones to their proper time. All good, right?

Once again, NO!

Steve decides to stay and just screw over Bucky who is now stranded knowing no one in the current time and then runs into them on some random ass bench giving Falcon his shield and symbolically making him the next Captain America. So yet another ‘screw you, Bucky!’

But we get to see him using Mjolnir, so it’s all good.

I thought the half hour ‘clean up’ for the future of the MCU was unnecessary and would have been better if explained in individual films, but when do I get to make the choices?


Anyways, those are my loose random thoughts. Comment and let me know what you were surprised by/enjoyed!

Later, Freaks.



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