Game of Thrones: Burny Time!

Ohhhhh, boy.


Scroll down if you’ve seen Ep. 5 or if you’re just insane. You’ve been warned.




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Okay, so, umm, uh, oof.

So like we open on a real bad note because Dany is like alright, time for Varys to die.

So yeah, you just killed the guy who gave you pretty much everything you have.

That’s no-no #1.

No-no #2 happens after they raid King’s Landing.

Dany is riding through on our buddy Drogon and she’s just torching everything. Boats, scorpions, all of it. Burn, baby, burn.

And I’m right there alongside her. I’m cheering her on like, “Yeah! Give those bastards what they deserve for killing Missandei!”

Then the bells ring. That’s the surrender signal. Everything looks like it’s calming down.

But uh-oh.

Dany still has this pissed look on her face and she’s looking at the Red Keep where Cersei is hiding. I’m like, oh yeah, burn the evil bitch!

Drogon takes off and is coming for the castle THEN TURNS AND STARTS BURNING SHIT!! JUST EVERYTHING!

Image result for what is you doing

Women, babies, whatever. Just burning time. That’s when it got real bad. Pretty much the rest of the episode is just various people dying or narrowly avoiding dying. Cersei, Jaime, Yuron, The Mountain, The Hound.

This is a rough one. I’m worried for next week.

Remember, when you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die.

P.S. The Mountain is an absolute unit.

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