Wine Country

Now the first question is: why am I watching a movie under the ‘Gal Pals’ category on Netflix. Don’t discriminate, Freaks.

Plus it has Amy Poehler. And Rachel Dratch. And Maya Rudolph. And Paula Pell. Actually, come to think of it, why wouldn’t you watch this movie?

So the movie is a comedy centered around 6 friends who go to Napa Valley for a 50th birthday celebration.

I actually kind of really liked this movie. It was hilarious and played with a hilarious dynamic between the 6 friends. I mean I feel like filming this was just getting a bunch of hilarious women and they all just bounced off each other and it was great.

The writing felt very natural and great. It didn’t aspire to be more than it was and that made it better in a way. Like it made it feel easy and like there was just a camera in the room here going off of all the dynamics in between the group.

This movie is a great comedy and I feel like there haven’t been a lot of pure comedies recently that aren’t either in the category of ridiculously crude or trying to get onto some higher plane of knowledge. I would recommend this movie and it was a great time to watch.

Rating: Slow-Braised Filet Mignon with a Balsamic Red Wine Reduction


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