The Society

The Society is a Lord of the Flies kind of drama, but with high schoolers in modern society. When going on a field trip, the school bus returns to find their town deserted and cut out from the outside world.

Right from the start, I liked the idea this show is playing with. How will teenagers act apart from society? When they’re just alone with their own group and no outside connection? How do they respond to struggle and the issue of governance?

It’s all very interesting, in a sort of philosophical kind of way. I definitely see what they were going for and the dynamic between how politics work in an isolation tank of sorts. I actually think that they showed fairly accurately what would happen if this was to play out in the real world. Well, fort he first few episodes, at least. Then things get out of hand.

The issue is not in the writing or in the cinematography. In fact, I really liked those and the dynamics put into place from a writing standpoint. The issue was in the execution. The majority of the acting in the show felt sort of forced from many actors. My girl Rachel Keller does a nice job and a few others do their roles well, but the main character is literally painful in her performance. It makes it feel insincere when you have some characters who are so invested in their character and the emotions they are going through to someone who seems as if they are just in high school.

Just to be clear, not an actor playing a high schooler. Just an obnoxious high schooler. It doesn’t feel real.

Still, The Society comes in handy for one of those relaxed shows that aren’t really a comedy. The group dynamics go off well and its fun and interesting to see how it all plays together. In addition to that, there is a good twist to the show and it keeps you guessing the whole way through.

Rating: 36 oz. He-Man Porterhouse Steak Slab

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