I know I’m about 3 years late on this one. But guess what? I do not care cuz uhhhh, yeah.

So fight me.

Anyways, this is an anthology series on Netflix. It’s sort of a comedy mixed with a drama that ends up being a lot of fun. Think of it like Black Mirror mixed with something like Master of None.

I’ve gotta say it kind of works. One of the things that works so well about Black Mirror is that they condense this philosophical stories into these little hour-long sessions.

Well, this show does it with comedy and in only half an hour. I felt like character development and exposition as a whole would be lacking as a result of this. I was completely wrong.

It drops the viewer right into the middle of the action and slowly develops the main character/characters around that, along with their motives. I felt like it would feel half-assed and not thought through well, but it was incredibly developed and immersive.

Image result for easy show

Another drastic difference between this and another series such as Black Mirror is the comedy and light-hearted tone while dealing with somber themes and serious philosophical arguments. On top of that, the characters reprise their roles in little bits, maybe the main character for episode 3 is the roommate of the one from episode 8, you never know. It adds a fresh take and another layer of world-building onto what’s at hand.

It tackles current issues, like technology, modern romance, and sex. These topics are a lot more real and easier connection to the viewer than dark, future hypotheticals of our world.

The in-depth perception and life lessons implemented here are reminiscent of Aesop and come across in the tone of a modern-day fable. Easy is a really fun show to watch and becomes interesting along with entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Rating: Medium Filet Mignon with a Peppercorn Drizzle


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