Anthony Jeselnik: Fire in the Maternity Ward

Now, we’re going to have to acknowledge something before jumping into our review.

This is Jeselnik during his special.

Related image

Now, this is him before/after the special.

Image result for anthony jeselnik

Quite a big difference I would say!!

The reason that I am bringing up his uh… new appearance on the special is that his comedic style definitely doesn’t land with the beardless look. As a fellow bearded man, I am always a proponent of facial hair, even just because of laziness if nothing else.

Jeselnik’s style is pretty much one-liners at nothing more than shock value. I personally find shock humor lazy and requiring less development. Most of the most famous comedians currently, such as Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, and John Mulaney are using bit-style stories. Jeselnik seemed to dabble in that side of comedy but gave up halfway once he got his one-liner out of it.

Were there moments where I was laughing? Sure.

The problem is more so centered around his timing and his commitment to the bit. He says about four words a minute which just downright pisses me off. I get the use of comedic timing and waiting, but that’s abandoned if that’s what every one liner of yours revolves around.

Rating: Deep-Fried Golden Corral Sirloin



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