The Hustle

There’s a good to fair chance that I have an addiction to going to the movies.

At any rate, I checked out The Hustle on this lovely Memorial Day.

Image result for the hustle

This movie revolves around two con artists who ploy men into their traps. Eventually, they go head to head and have a contest between the two to determine dominance — a poor, naive tech entrepreneur.

Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson do a wonderful job in their acting. Aside from that, the movie is seriously disappointing.

It’s not bad for the first little bit and it really is funny. I won’t discount the movie for that. The larger issue at hand is that the ending butchers the movie as a whole. The writers decide to go for a twist and the dialogue and acting, as well as lack of exposition, just can’t cover what they tried to go for.

If you go into the movie for a relaxed and funny time, you’ll be pleased.

If you’re expecting something along the lines of Wine Country, you will be sorely disappointed.

Rating: Deep-Fried T-Bone

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