Historical Roasts

My first experience of Jeff Ross was not in his comedy or anything of the likes. Instead, it was during the Roast of Justin Bieber, one of the infamous roasts that pushed him to his pedigree of “Roastmaster”.

Image result for historical roasts

Since then, Ross has gone off the deep end. He went from being a hilarious staple of the roasts that everyone looked forward to into becoming someone that just makes you say, “Really? That too? Why?”

This one is where it goes too far. He has now gone from making fun of musicians and pop culture figures into just flat out defiling heroes from history. It’s gross, really.

I’m not a huge proponent of political correctness, but here is one instance where there is being something put out there that is frankly kind of disturbing. I mean, one of the roasters in the Anne Frank episode is Hitler. What the actual hell?!?

Going into this I was thinking to myself, “Hey, it’s Jeff Ross. You don’t expect any major commentary on politics or society and culture. It’s just good jokes.”


Not only is there ridiculously offensive content here, but none of it is even funny. I’m talking not even a chuckle. This wasn’t funny and it wasn’t enjoyable. I literally found myself just staring at the number counting down because I wanted the episode to end sooo badly.

Rating: Canned Dog Food

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