Now it’s pretty clear I’m a big fan of horror movies, but do you know what I’m an even bigger fan of? Psychological horror flicks.

This one here stars Octavia Spencer who plays a lonely middle-aged woman who winds up buying some high school kids booze and letting them all party at her house.

A little odd, no?

As the movie progresses, Ma (as she requests the kids call her) gets more and more obsessive, bordering on stalkerish.

Then, shit goes down. Like gets REAL creepy. I’m not going to go into detail for both spoilers and just being completely insane, but it suffices to say that it’s some Saw-level stuff.

Related image

The main theme behind this movie was something I really enjoyed. Over the course of the film, it goes into Ma’s backstory and her upbringing in this very same town. It shows how the reason she acts this way is because of how she was treated. Although that is by no means an excuse for her actions, it is an explanation and something that we have seen echoed in our world more and more often with all the vile actions in the news.

I was really enjoying the story up until the last fifteen minutes. At that point, it seemed like they went seriously overboard into an odd territory and abandoned the whole psychological aspect of the horror film that kept me intrigued up to that point.

Even so, Ma compounds cutting cinematography, great acting by Octavia Spencer, and social discussion to create a gorgeous little meal of horror and while this is not ground-breaking, it is very entertaining and something I will personally go back to watch again.

Rating: Juicy But Tad Too Fatty Porterhouse

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