Most Underrated ‘The Office’ Characters

Now, if you watch ‘The Office’ or just exist on this earth, you have a favorite character on the show that you absolutely adore. I can almost guarantee that those characters are one of about three of four. But we can’t all be Jim or Michael, so here are some of the best characters on the show who are regrettably looked over.


Kevin Malone

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Ohhhh, Kevin. He’s absolutely incredible. His little smirk. His love of chili. Every moment we get of Kevin onscreen is even better than his last. It’s hard to describe exactly what is so incredible about Kevin, but just every one of his lines. They make me so happy.

Darryl Philbin

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I love Darryl so much. He has a dry sense of humor that goes so far with many of the bold antics taken by a lot of characters in this show. One of my favorite bits is just how he toys with Michael – every interaction of theirs is priceless.




Stanley Hudson

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I’m just going to leave this one here.

Angela Martin

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Angela is a refreshing dose of reality in the blinding utopia of this show. Most characters have this constant energy and joy that they find in their work. Angela is rude, judgmental, and condescending. It’s beautiful.

On top of that, her relationship with Dwight and her eventual marriage with the closeted Senator only juice up her opportunities and performance.

Oscar Martinez

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Oscar is a character without breakout comedic moments like Michael, or ongoing bits like Dwight and Jim. Instead, his entire character is more of a reactionary device that builds up the story around the main event, if you will. At first glance, that may sound stale or not exactly ripe for comedic benefit. Instead, it’s chockfull of one-liners and moments that make you do that little nose-exhale laugh thingy.


I’m binge watching this whole show for like the third or sixth or eighty-fifth time. Expect more Office-related shenanigans coming down the pipeline.

Later, Freaks.

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