Mr. Iglesias

Mr. Iglesias is a series on Netflix starring Gabriel Iglesias. He plays a high school teacher who tries to help out his class and teach them while sticking to his comedic roots.

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This show has the feel of a 90s-style sitcom or maybe like one of the crusty ass Disney Channel shows I watched when I was growing up. In terms of comedy, it’s pretty good but it does fit into that slightly cheesy category. The constant laugh track doesn’t help much with that.

The show is almost entirely just a stand up special for Iglesias, who throws up his style of humor well in this environment but there is limited exposure to the rest of the cast besides little lines here and there. That’s good or bad depending on how you view Iglesias.

I felt there wasn’t enough character development or many real themes outside of Iglesias having a situation to set up his material in a “real life” context. It’s not the worst, mind you, just not what I would consider quality television.

Still, it’s funny and I even caught myself laughing at times. There are some heartfelt moments, but the overall disregard for any major development or thematic control, along with slowly pushing me to remember my high school experience, leave me a little underwhelmed and frankly bored at times.

Rating: Pan-Fried Sirloin

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