Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the sequel to Homecoming, the MCU iteration of Spiderman. This film once again stars the ageless Tom Holland, who is by far and away the best actor the big screen has ever had for Spidey.

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I was a big fan of Homecoming and this one followed that exact same path for me. It did follow the same sort of path, which I will go into deeper next week when my spoiler review comes out.

The movie follows the elements that made this first movie and the Guardians of the Galaxy films so successful. It pairs the comedy and cringiness that comes with a coming of age flick along with a superhero action movie. This one does just as well with that recipe. Going in, I was afraid a bit that they were going to ease back on the youth and personal side of their lives.

Not at all the case.

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For the acting, I already said Tom Holland is an amazing spiderman. THE Amazing Spiderman, if you will. On top of that performance, there is a great support from rest of Spider-Man cast, but also including Jake Gylenhall as Mysterio. He does an incredible job truly making the audience believe in his character and his motivations, only giving the performance more teeth.

Once again, the MCU delivers its patented comedy-swabbed action film, this time decorated with more character development and installing even more building blocks for the character of Spidey, although not being on the same level as the prior film, Homecoming.

Rating: Cut Table-Side Porterhouse



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