Yesterday is a new drama, fantasy, romcom blend of a movie about an aspiring singer/songwriter who wakes up in a world without the Beatles, among other things.

He rebrands the songs as his own and immediately becomes a pop sensation, taking the world by storm.

As a whole, the movie is entertaining, keeps you smiling, and has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek comedic style to it. This is only emphasized by the acting, namely Himesh Patel, as well as a slew of supporting cast members like Lily James, Joel Fry, and Kate McKinnon.

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I have found that the best romantic comedies are the ones that bring in an element of mystery to them. Whether that is the supporting arcs in movies like Love, Actually, struggles with mental health in Silver Linings Playbook, or a various slew of details other movies carry with them, it only brings out the best of the “will they, won’t they” storyline and rounds the story out in its entirety.

Yesterday simply fails to do that in its basic nature. The root of the entire movie being hidden within something so massively mainstream and culturally shaping as The Beatles being entirely unknown and irrelevant simply casts down a lot of the guess work that does most of the heavy lifting for romcoms. The acting, writing, and cinematography were simply not able to entirely carry the load on their own.

Still, Yesterday keeps a charming and reminiscent tone alive throughout the film and actors like Kate McKinnon lighten the mood with little jokes and spins that elevate the main storyline and experience of the viewer.

Rating: Day-Old Microwaved Sirloin

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