From the makers of Hereditary comes another summertime horror flick.

This one has the same penchant as Hereditary. The penchant being absolutely messed up in every possible way.

Image result for midsommar

From the grotesque violence to downright disgusting “traditions” that the Swedish village offers, this movie keeps you uncomfortable and kind of nauseated the entire way through.

That’s not to say the movie wasn’t good. In fact, the acting was great and mirrored just how freaked out the audience is, as they should.

The cinematography was beyond perfect. I mean, they really outdid themselves here. Flipping camera angles and upside-down pans conveyed depravity and confusion in the best possible way, only bolstered by the soundtrack and obviously, the plot.

As with Hereditary, I would suggest watching this if you love thrillers or horror films, but otherwise, even the trailer may be too much to handle. Still, the movie about a summer vacation is breathtaking in every sense of the word and leaves you guessing as to what else may happen.

Rating: Thick Porterhouse generously downed in red win demi-glace

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