So instead of the yearly shark movie, our appearance this year is coming from alligators.

A hurricane leaves a Florida town overrun with the prehistoric beasts and some girl and her dad have to deal with it after purposefully disobeying the evacuation orders.

Image result for crawl

The makers of Piranha really gave us a nice horror-monster-beast-animal movie here. While some of the usual plot holes are still there, it is to be expected from these sorts of movies. If they behaved rationally, they would not be in the situation.

Still, a few too many questions are answered with “because she is on swim team”.

Regardless, the special effects and acting, as well as cinematography, are top of the line and allows me to write off the plot hole issues a touch.

If you’re looking for a shark-style horror movie with thrills and gratuitous jump scares, look no further.

Rating: Top-of-the-Line Filet Mignon

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