IT – Chapter Two

After the worldwide phenomenon and critically acclaimed IT, many were excited for the second chapter, stemming from the second half of Stephen King’s book.

This part comes from twenty-seven years down the line, where they have all moved past their childhoods and have to return to Derry to confront Pennywise when he returns.

Image result for it 2

My first big problem with this movie is its reliance on the prior film. While that’s understandable in relation to the plot, the film relies on flashbacks entirely too often. I really appreciated some of the call backs they made… until they cut back ON EVERY SINGLE ONE just so they were 100% sure every daft member of the audience understood what they were going for.

Even though way too much of the movie is spent tripping over its feet, the special effects and acting are still out of this world. Once again, Bill Skarsgard struck gold in his portrayal of Pennywise.

That still wasn’t enough to redeem the movie in my eyes.

The real killer (aside from the clown) was that this movie supposedly is under the “horror” genre. It is under the most basic of analyses and examination. All elements of skilled horror and genre success are abandoned in lieu of lazy jump scares.

Still, it is entertaining and does keep you involved. I do give that less to the script and visual effects and more towards all the expert portrayals from the cast, James McAvoy and Bill Hader, to name a few.

Rating: Grilled Sirloin with some brand-name steak sauce

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