Good Girls Season 3

It’s rare to find a show that is so consistent with top-notch acting, writing, and a script that keeps you on your toes. Nevertheless, the first two seasons of Good Girls were wildly successful and the comedy/drama/crime thriller came through with another. Now without giving any spoilers, the series follows three middle-aged mothers struggling to make ends meet who decide to try their luck at armed robbery.

Originally slated to be sixteen episodes, the third season was cut down to eleven episodes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s difficult to not take notice. The show goes along at its usual rate, delivering the same stellar scenes, motives, and appealing to the audience’s emotions in the exact same pattern that made the prior seasons so engaging and binge-worthy.

Good Girls' Bosses on Beth & Rio's Status, Season 3's Early End ...

However, the end of the season does not leave us with any cliffhangers or even really a clearcut idea of where things are going next. It’s not unexpected or even necessarily incorrect when looking at why the season was cut short, especially when even one line delivered incorrectly can completely throw off the authenticity of a performance.

The show continues to shine with its cast and intriguing characters. Christina Hendricks is nothing but perfect in her role as Beth Boland, supported by Retta (common, it’s Retta) and the always hilarious Mae Whitman, while Manny Montana delivers piercing quips and a captivating presence as Rio. The show seems to grow with the characters and continuously change the dynamic, something rarely seen in crime dramas. Season 3 of Good Girls delivers with the same ferocity of the former two, with my only complaint being that I want those 5 episodes.

Rating: 9.5/10

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