The Order Season 2

With the rampant success of Game of Thrones, it was inevitable that we would experience a boom in the fantasy genre. The quality of that boom was something I was not expecting, however, and The Order goes to show that perfectly.

Following incoming freshman Jack Morton at Belgrave University, the viewers are introduced to a secret magic society as well as a sort of police force made up of werewolves. (Those are first season spoilers, don’t come at me).

From there, the show delivered in expert fashion, tracing a moral debate as well as highlighting the struggles of different characters as they go throughout their experiences in college while also traversing the dangerous world of magic.

I will say that the second season let me down, although it was still very enjoyable. After a great cliff hanger that left you unsure of what was to come next, they pretty much backtracked on that, as well as different character motives. One of the main characters goes through a traumatic experience, but then abandons all her integral goals, something that just comes across as sloppy writing. Despite mishaps like that, the series keeps going from where it left off well and even spices things up from the first season with the addition of demons as well as more of a focus upon previously less noticed characters like Vera Stone. It certainly grabs your attention, and will take along a magic journey not unlike a university equivalent of Harry Potter.


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