July 2020 Essentials

Welcome back to our monthly essentials, where we have five hot picks for which movies you should put on your list this month!

You’ve got some great options here from all genres, and if you need some more films to check out, just look at last month’s Essentials or keep an eye on our home page!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - The New York Times

Few cartoon movies give me pause when considering them for viewing on whatever streaming platform I’m using. Cloudy With A Chance does just t\hat, and time and time again makes itself my choice for what to watch. It follows aspiring inventor Flint Lockwood, who creates a machine that makes food rain from the sky. Naturally, everything goes wrong and Flint and his friends have to clean it up. The movie is full of heart, a stellar cast list, and a unique animation style that makes the movie stand out from the rest of its competition.

The Hangover

Late night comedy MVP The Hangover was the breakout film for many of today’s top stars, but that is not its reason for being on this list. While this movie packs a punch full of crude humor and over the top punchlines, it does it better than anyone else and reminds people why this genre is always so popular. Each scene of the movie is as ridiculous as it is well-scripted and acted, keeping you glued to the couch while you hold your stomach laughing.

American Pie

American Pie' at 20: That Notorious Pie Scene, From Every Angle ...

What a classic. This late 90s comedy follows four high school seniors attempting to lose their virginity on prom night. The movie created countless sequels and spinoffs for good reason, it created iconic characters in only two hours and managed to get them to propel genuine discussion with their actions onscreen. As much as the movie seeks to make you laugh, it does just as much to make you stop and consider the themes being promoted. This is a great one for a binge watch, as all the many sequels are just as fun, but without as much of the quality.

Good Boys

Producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg crafted this exquisite comedy about three best friends in middle school. This is by no means your average PG-rated his movie, it keeps the filth flowing, with profanity and sexual themes practically more abundant than in Rogen’s movies themselves. As much as it exploits the humor of children using “adult” humor, it backs it up by laying solid character development as well as having spot-on comedic timing with editing.

Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods' Review: Black Lives Mattered in Vietnam, Too - The ...

The newest Spike Lee joint was released on Netflix around a year ago, and follows four African-American veterans looking for their sergeant’s buried treasure in Vietnam. If you’re familiar with Spike Lee, this movie won’t come as a shock, thematically speaking, but keeps the action and tension high throughout. Delroy Lindo shines through in his performance as Paul and should win the Oscar for Best Actor this year, in my opinion. Every line has specific intention that is followed through, with each plot decision supported by motives, all tied up with prominent themes of social justice and morality, all packaged up expertly by Lee.



Check out new writer Caleb Sheets’ first article right here, he will keep that film content coming!

Stay safe, I’ll see you next month!!


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