“Close Enough” Review

Close Enough is the new show released by J.G Quintel (who is also the creator of Regular Show). Ever since the show was announced back in 2017 I’ve been looking forward to it and now that I finally got to see it, I wasn’t disappointed.

The show follows Josh and Emily, poor parents raising their only daughter Candice in LA. The family are joined by their roommates, Alex and Bridgette, and their landlord and her son, Pearle and Randy. The show follows the same format as Regular Show with both the size of the episodes (two different 11 minute episodes combined together), and storytelling, which is the characters getting into a more relatable situation that turns into a practical acid trip with how bizarre it becomes.

Without any connection to Regular Show it’s a good adult comedy but as someone who grew up watching Regular Show I find the show even more enjoyable. The show did not contain much continuity across episodes with each one being a new adventure for the family and their roommates. I personally found all the characters enjoyable and didn’t have a single one that really annoyed me.

Overall I would recommend Close Enough to anyone who has HBO Max and am looking forward to a second season.

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