Project Power

This film set on the streets of New Orleans showcases a new drug hitting the streets, dubbed Power. The twist is that this drug gives you a superpower for five minutes, and you have no idea what it might be.

Director Henry Joost wasted no time with exposition, as we are immediately thrown into the chaotic and extravagant world that these powers create. Right from the get-go, Machine Gun Kelly has a Human Torch moment, erupting in flames when confronted by Jamie Foxx’s character, The Major.

The cast delivers in expert fashion with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Foxx delivering authentic performances and highlighting the moral ambiguity present in the film (and symbolically, in ours). Dominique Fishback steals the show in her portrayal of Robin, a middle-school dealer of Power, showing a raw and touching character that truly opens up to the audience over the course of the film.

Perfectly placing itself between the budding dynamic between Robin and The Major and intense sci-fi action, the film keeps the tension and stakes on high the entire way through, delivering a concise and exhilarating experience.

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