Alien Movies Ranked!

I am a HUGE fan of the Alien franchise and I believe that zRidley Scott’s creation changed a lot of the horror industry, instilling methods of filming and plot development essential to every horror movie, monster or not. The third Alien prequel movie (think Prometheus and Covenant) is currently in the scripting phase and will round out the arc, meshing together the prequels and OG … Continue reading Alien Movies Ranked!

Worst ‘The Office’ Relationships

Around a week ago, I ranked the top five relationships from ‘The Office’. In this iteration, I’m going to tackle the worst ones that really make the viewer go “ickkkk”.   5. Angela and Andy Angela likes safe and Andy is safe. However, she continued her physical relationship with Dwight and brutally hurt both Andy and Dwight when they found out, losing them both. Ultimately, … Continue reading Worst ‘The Office’ Relationships

Top Ten Episodes of ‘The Office’

For anyone born between the years of 1990 and 2005, The Office is a staple of modern television. The rockumentary style comedy shot Steve Carell to stardom and has a cult following to this day. On top of that, the show’s camera angles and visual style are iconic to this day in film, almost as much so as the theme song. Today, we’re going to … Continue reading Top Ten Episodes of ‘The Office’

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Most Underrated ‘The Office’ Characters

Now, if you watch ‘The Office’ or just exist on this earth, you have a favorite character on the show that you absolutely adore. I can almost guarantee that those characters are one of about three of four. But we can’t all be Jim or Michael, so here are some of the best characters on the show who are regrettably looked over.   Kevin Malone … Continue reading Most Underrated ‘The Office’ Characters