Eric Andre: Legalize Everything

After a four-year layoff since the release of the fourth season of the Eric Andre Show, Andre is back to his roots in a new take on stand up comedy, all filmed on his own Netflix special. Right from the get go, Eric is his usual chaotic self, screaming and taking everything to the highest possible extreme. His humor relies heavily upon shock value and … Continue reading Eric Andre: Legalize Everything

The Hustle

There’s a good to fair chance that I have an addiction to going to the movies. At any rate, I checked out The Hustle on this lovely Memorial Day. This movie revolves around two con artists who ploy men into their traps. Eventually, they go head to head and have a contest between the two to determine dominance — a poor, naive tech entrepreneur. Anne … Continue reading The Hustle

Long Shot

Long Shot is a movie just released following the Secretary of State Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). The President is a TV actor played by the TV actor (Bob Odenkirk). After the President decides not to run for reelection to pursue a career in film, Field looks to gain backing for a presidential run. Shortly after deciding on running, she runs into Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen). … Continue reading Long Shot