The Problem With 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why started as a show about a girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself and left tapes behind explaining why she did it. Across its run, the show attempts to tackle many sensitive topics such as rape, mental illness, substance abuse, and its main topic of suicide prevention. Based on the 28.9% increase in suicides among Americans ages 10-17 directly after the release … Continue reading The Problem With 13 Reasons Why

IT – Chapter Two

After the worldwide phenomenon and critically acclaimed IT, many were excited for the second chapter, stemming from the second half of Stephen King’s book. This part comes from twenty-seven years down the line, where they have all moved past their childhoods and have to return to Derry to confront Pennywise when he returns. My first big problem with this movie is its reliance on the … Continue reading IT – Chapter Two

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – A Review

Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark Review This adaptation writes its own stories as the film happens. A truly terrifying concept. Thus our characters are resigned to futility and reduced to nothing more than mere scare-worthy pawns by an entity utterly indifferent to the fear continually expounded throughout. The film is centred around a crew of misfits who, not unlike their coming-of-age counterparts existing … Continue reading Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark – A Review

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

If you have been following my ramblings for any amount of time, you will surely know my love of Quentin Tarantino. With rumors floating around of his retirement from directing, I am thrilled to get every last bit of glorious cinema while I can, so this came at the perfect time. OUATIH (yeah, I’m not typing all that out again) follows a Western actor Rick … Continue reading Once Upon a Time In Hollywood


So instead of the yearly shark movie, our appearance this year is coming from alligators. A hurricane leaves a Florida town overrun with the prehistoric beasts and some girl and her dad have to deal with it after purposefully disobeying the evacuation orders. The makers of Piranha really gave us a nice horror-monster-beast-animal movie here. While some of the usual plot holes are still there, … Continue reading Crawl

Alien Movies Ranked!

I am a HUGE fan of the Alien franchise and I believe that zRidley Scott’s creation changed a lot of the horror industry, instilling methods of filming and plot development essential to every horror movie, monster or not. The third Alien prequel movie (think Prometheus and Covenant) is currently in the scripting phase and will round out the arc, meshing together the prequels and OG … Continue reading Alien Movies Ranked!

Worst ‘The Office’ Relationships

Around a week ago, I ranked the top five relationships from ‘The Office’. In this iteration, I’m going to tackle the worst ones that really make the viewer go “ickkkk”.   5. Angela and Andy Angela likes safe and Andy is safe. However, she continued her physical relationship with Dwight and brutally hurt both Andy and Dwight when they found out, losing them both. Ultimately, … Continue reading Worst ‘The Office’ Relationships


From the makers of Hereditary comes another summertime horror flick. This one has the same penchant as Hereditary. The penchant being absolutely messed up in every possible way. From the grotesque violence to downright disgustingĀ “traditions” that the Swedish village offers, this movie keeps you uncomfortable and kind of nauseated the entire way through. That’s not to say the movie wasn’t good. In fact, the acting … Continue reading Midsommar


Yesterday is a new drama, fantasy, romcom blend of a movie about an aspiring singer/songwriter who wakes up in a world without the Beatles, among other things. He rebrands the songs as his own and immediately becomes a pop sensation, taking the world by storm. As a whole, the movie is entertaining, keeps you smiling, and has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek comedic style to it. This … Continue reading Yesterday