The Order Season 2

With the rampant success of Game of Thrones, it was inevitable that we would experience a boom in the fantasy genre. The quality of that boom was something I was not expecting, however, and The Order goes to show that perfectly. Following incoming freshman Jack Morton at Belgrave University, the viewers are introduced to a secret magic society as well as a sort of police force … Continue reading The Order Season 2

Solar Opposites Review

By Caleb Sheets “Solar Opposites” is the new stand alone show from Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty) which follows the misadventures of an alien family from space. I tried to enjoy the show but couldn’t help but compare it to “Rick and Morty”. Almost everything about the show feels the same. The art style, the futuristic sci-fi technology, even the main character Korvo … Continue reading Solar Opposites Review

Was Marvel’s Venture Into Television a Failure?

From the occasional blockbuster to its current position as a generational staple, Marvel Studios has been pressing out their comic-inspired movies with an intensity that almost matches that of the fans of these films. The Marvel Universe is now a household name, and hot off the rampant success that was The Avengers, they started Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Critics projected Marvel’s television to be the … Continue reading Was Marvel’s Venture Into Television a Failure?

June 2020 Essentials

Our monthly essentials are back and they are needed now more than ever! I’ve got five juicy titles for you to sink your teeth into this month and get some of this time off your hands! Clash of the Titans Clash of the Titans is the first in a two-part series (followed by our second entry) following Perseus in Greek mythology. The overarching plot contains a … Continue reading June 2020 Essentials

The Problem With 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why started as a show about a girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself and left tapes behind explaining why she did it. Across its run, the show attempts to tackle many sensitive topics such as rape, mental illness, substance abuse, and its main topic of suicide prevention. Based on the 28.9% increase in suicides among Americans ages 10-17 directly after the release … Continue reading The Problem With 13 Reasons Why